Fiber Processing Price List
Effective 06/10/2019
Prices subject to change without notice

-Downloadable Price List-

All prices per pound are based on Incoming Weight.

There is no minimum requirement, but due to time involved for set up, there will be an additional set-up fee of $10 per lot for any lot under 2 lbs.
Lots under 1 pound will be charged for 1 pound.

Prices listed for Processing to Yarn, Roving or Batts, are for Alpaca, Llama and Mohair
For Suri, add $5 per pound
For Wool (no dehairing required) subtract $5 per pound
If no dehairing is desired, subtract $5 per pound
For any other type of fiber, please give us a call.

Processing to Yarn:

Includes Tumbling, Washing, Picking, Dehairing, Carding, Drawframe, Spinning, Plying, Steaming, Skeining and Washing of finished Skeins.  See The Process for more information!
Upon request, yarn may be processed onto cones (.50 cents per cone). Coned yarn will not receive a final wash.

Fingering Weight, 2 ply: $40 per pound
Sport & DK Weight, 2 or 3 ply: $37 per pound
Worsted & Bulky, 2 or 3 ply: $35 per pound
For Yarn types not listed, contact for information

Rug Yarn (Core Spun): $20 per pound
Includes Tumbling, Washing, Picking and Carding onto your choice of thick or thin cotton core.

Rug yarn processed from excess fiber (waste from fiber separator and carder) additional $8 per pound

Roving or Batts:

Includes Tumbling, Washing, Picking, Dehairing and Carding.

Roving: $18 per pound – bagged or center pull bumps

Multi colored roving avilable, call for pricing and custom work

Batts: $18 per pound for batts over 1 pound, $23 per pound for batts under 1 pound

Additional Pricing:

Skirting $20 per fleece
Skirting is not included in the price of processing. Visible VM, burrs, manure, sticks, hay, etc. should be removed prior to arrival at the mill. If skirting is required prior to processing, we will contact you.

We reserve the right to refuse processing based on condition of fleece.

Remember – the cleaner your fiber, the better product we can create for you!

There is an expected loss ratio in processing fiber, so to reduce this ratio, prepare your fleece!

Re-Wash: $5 per pound
We reserve the right to rewash fleeces at the customer’s expense if necessary. (We will contact you prior to re-washing to discuss.)

Wash only (no further processing): $6 per pound

Blending of Fibers: $2 per pound plus cost of blending fiber (call for pricing)

Hand-wind skeins into center pull balls $1 per ball

Disposal Charge: $2 per pound for fleeces unable to be processed

Fleece Requirements:

Preferred minimum of 2 inches in length (depends on what you want done)
Preferred Maximum of no longer than 6 inches.
If longer than 6”, an additional charge of $20 per pound to hand cut will be added.
If under 2”, contact us for options.

Payment & Pickup:

Payment is due upon completion date, unless previous arrangements have been made. Any unpaid balances over 45 days becomes the property of HLA Fiber Mill, LLC and will be sold to cover losses.

Shipping Instructions:

Please include a completed order form, with bag inserts for each bag, and ship to:

HLA Fiber Mill, LLC
10289 SW Parkview Rd
Augusta, KS 67010

If local or coming our way, call and schedule a drop off.

We look forward to working with you!

John & Sara Morris
Phones: John (316) 213-8410; Sara (316) 258-4036